Jewelry trends will be forever changing. There is evidence of this as far back as prehistoric times up until today. Not only has it’s purpose changed but they way we wear and display jewelry today has changed as well. As society becomes more liberal people are more openly expressing themselves. Today’s society is less subjective with the jewelry styles being worn and but the placement of it as well. Different types of jewelry such ankle bracelets, toe rings, nose rings, waist jewelry, back jewelry, armbands, and facial jewelry are  becoming more popular and socially accepted.


  • Ear cuffs are becoming popular and are worn to decorate most or all of the ear.

  • Wearing one single earring or a set of unmatched coordinated earrings are also a new trend. The single earring when worn are more bolder of size and design to bring attention to the face.

  • Geometric designs, bolder colors, and larger stones and beads are adding excitement to the newer jewelry being worn.

  • Choker necklaces of the 1990’s are becoming popular again. Choker’s are seen with bolder designs and made of different kinds of materials today and some are extended down the neck to the area above the chest.

  • Statement pieces with bigger and bolder center stones to catch the eye are now being worn not only as necklaces and pendants but also in bracelets as well. Today we see not only bigger center stones but find many pieces incorporating larger beads or stones within there design.

  • Multi-layered styles in necklaces and bracelets are also becoming popular. Its one way to keep a piece of jewelry simple yet interesting.

  • The same tassels found on handbags and clothing are now being styled into many jewelry pieces to make them appear more stunning.

  • Textures are finding there way back into style. Jewelry is now boasting wood beads and findings as well as leather and suede cord to dress styles up and make them unique.

  • At one time gold, silver and platinum were the norm for most jewelry styles. Designs are now being made with different types of metals bronze and copper. These different types of metals including tricolor are finding there way into the newer styles. Many unique pieces are made of combing two or three metals into one jewelry piece for excitement and appeal.

  • Watch’s are making there way back into design. Not only styled in pendants and necklaces but also in many bracelet designs. With today’s technology replacing phones as the new time keeper you will seldom see someone wearing a watch. These timeless pieces are now coming back to add character to more and more jewelry designs.