All EMBELLISH jewelry is handcrafted by myself and designed using quality material. The designs are my own and are not patterns. The pieces I make are available for sale unless the materials needed to make them are no longer available to me. Many of my Vintage pieces are designed around items that I have collected from estate sales, auctions, or places where collectibles are sold. I hand pick these collected treasures and incorporate them into my own designs making beautiful pieces. I’m proud to keep these items in circulation and help the design of jewelry to continue evolving.

A lot of my jewelry is unique and is not available for purchase in quantity. This is because the items, beads, or findings within the piece are acquired through various places and the items needed to make that particular piece are not available any longer. The design for that jewelry piece then becomes one of a kind and will not be able to be duplicated. Knowing this, you can enjoy wearing your piece knowing that it is unique and that you will not see it displayed or worn by anyone else.

I take pride in my work and all pieces are designed with passion!! When creating piece s for special order I will work directly with you and the project will be discussed  together. Together we will decide what materials would be best suited for your project. If you have older jewelry that you would like to refurbish as a gift or a keepsake I will be happy to design something that appeals to your individual taste. Please use the contact form on the “Contact Me” page to inquire or place a special order.

If you have a special order or project you would like to discuss. Please use the form below. Describe your project/special order briefly in the message box provided.

I handcraft jewelry for wedding parties and other occasions. If you have a piece of older vintage jewelry you would like to give a new look I will design and create something original and tailored just for you.


**Please allow two business days for a response**